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Our vision is to achieve a reputation for unmatched excellence in the industry as well as to gain sustainable value through local and global growth and it is only possible with our services and excellence in our work.


Our aim is to build a culture of operational excellence in a local business environment with global approach, unmatchable excellence, innovation and profitability to drive our core business ethics.

Our aim is to deliver innovative and high quality services to our customers at value prices in its own individuality.

Our aim is to provide our employees an honest and helpful working environment that encourages innovative ideas, growth together, and professional integrity.


  • Unique Team Unique Work
  • Honesty in Work
  • Focused on Quality
  • Effectively Communicate
  • Safety of Workers
  • Satisfaction in Work
  • Excellence Responsibly
  • Relation based on trust


U&U believes in Team work with Safety of both of our team and our principles. We will give a Quality as a part of our Commitment. We believe that our Passion and Initiatives is a part of our Integrity and Ethics.

We are driven by a unified passion, a passion that drives us to deliver the best.

We are a Unique Team therefore our work is also Unique Work. We are reliable, simple and our services are always user friendly.

Lateral thinking helps us to look at every problem with a new perspective.




Unique & Unique – Step by Step!

It all begun in 1985 …………..…… when a team under the supervision of Mr. S. Ali Ishrat started to work with the name of  M/s. Pak Cushion. After then its name was converted to M/s. Unique Constructions in the year of 2005 and after two years it was finally change to the name of M/s. Unique & Unique on advice of Pakistan Engineering Council.  

U&U is a sole proprietorship firm and based in the Karachi, Pakistan. Mr. S. Ali Ishrat is a highly experienced and successful businessman in the field of Constructions and Interior Decorations with a vast experience of approx 30 years.

U&U is a contracting firm dealing in construction, maintenance, interior decoration, I.T., networking, civil works, electrical and mechanical works etc., with extensive experience and unique team.

U&U is equipped with state of the art technology to meet all kinds of requirements of our clients which includes well experienced staff and modern equipments. U&U specializes in commercial buildings, private buildings, school buildings, residential projects and industrial projects for constructions and renovations as well as including extensions, additions, complete renovations, refurbishment, upgradation, including bathrooms, kitchens and laundry makeovers and decks, pergolas, etc.

The service of U&U is synonymous with the name as we offer a completely unique service as we are competitive, reliable and our workmanship is of the highest quality. With our many years of experience we offer turnkey services for projects including wide range of interior products and after than all repair maintenance services.

U&U offers a quality of service at a very affordable price to exceed all of your expectations with over many years of experience. U&U has expanded service capabilities to meet the multidisciplinary need of today‚ construction requirements of office, public and commercial buildings. Services for residential and custom-built homes are also offered.

U&U offers a total building renovation, including complete remodeling of columns, framing, and towering of hotels, resorts, malls, shopping centers, commercial buildings, high risers, custom homes and private estates. Services for residential and custom-built homes are also offered by U&U.

U&U offers economical and high quality technical solutions to fulfill the highest modern engineering design requirements with compatible systems and components that guarantee long term durability, safety and outstanding performance for all types of construction design.

U&U offers expertise in:

  • Private, Public, Educational and Industrial Building Constructions
  • Design, build, build-to-suit lease-back buildings
  • Structural Modifications and remodeling
  • Interior Decoration & Fit-outs
  • Repair Maintenance of Buildings including Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, HVAC, Etc. Complete Work.


U&U think “IT’S IMPORTANT TO LISTEN TO THE CLIENTS” as the style of decoration and building a structure comes from within. The project has to represent who they are and their sense of style. When we meet with people they often know what they want, but lack a clear direction about how to achieve it. That's where we come in. We offer ideas and pathways to make their dreams a reality. From a small project to a large one, we encourage them.

U&U has made a trend-setting industry which is getting advanced day by day with the ongoing trainings of our professionals in safety practices and quality control methods. We have set the standards for the continual investing in time saving equipment and practices to ensure the proficiency in every aspect of the performance. We are proud to say that U&U has ability to deliver a high-end quality product. Projects are completed on time and within budget requirements of the clients.

With over many years of experience, U&U has expanded its service capabilities to meet the multidisciplinary needs of today‚ construction requirements of office, public and commercial buildings and that is why “we only take on a single project at a time so that all our attention and resources are concentrated on your job to achieve an optimal result, therefore, we say that;


U&U has two main in-house employee crews. Each crew stays on the project from the start of framing to finish of construction, and all take great pride in their work. U&U also does all the fabricating, coating, and staining at our site and workshop location, and provides all our employees with state of the art tools that stay on the job site which gives our firm better control of the quality assurance to meet our valued client’s demands. U&U is built on organization, employees, and construction equipments.

Our mission is to deliver our individual customers innovative and high quality products & services at valued prices in its own individuality.



Unique & Unique – The Work Force
1. Management 4
2. Administration 2
3. Accounts 1
4. Engineer 1
5. Supervisors 4
6. Technical Labour
(Mason, Genset Mechanic, HVAC Technician, Carpenter, Plumber, Painter, Electrician, etc.)
7. Helpers / labours / unskilled workers 15
8. Office Boy 1
9. Drivers 2
10 Other Necessary Labour On contract
  TOTAL 50


Unique & Unique – The Vehicles
1. Pickup (1.5 tons) 1
2. Company Cars 2
3. Company Bikes 8
4. Other Vehicles On Contract
  TOTAL 11


Unique & Unique – The Equipments/ Machines
1. Electric Generators 3
2. Air Compressors (200 liters) 1
3. Hand Held Grinders 35
4. Drilling Machines 6
5. Hydraulic Hammer Heavy Duty 2
6. Scaffolding Moveable Stool upto 25’ Height 3
7. Wheel Barrow / Trolley 30
8. Water Pumping Sets 2
9. Ladders 50
10. Wooden Scaffolding (Paranch) 2000 RFT
11. Shuttering On contract
12. Aluminum Cutter 2
13. Mixing Machine 2
14. Genset Workshop Tools set 1
15. HVAC Workshop Tools set 1
16. General Tools set 6
17. Spades, Pickaxe, Hoe, Hod, Builder’s trowel, etc. 100
18. Safety Belts 10
19. Jhula with Rassi 3
20. Shovel On Contract
21. Road Roller On Contract
22. Lift Machine On Contract
23. Compactor On contract


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